Sell your gear with Zipp Printing

Whether it’s a fundraiser for your school or a shop for your employees, Zipp Printing Stores can make your shopping and printing a breeze with customer apparel stores. Let’s build something cool and sell your gear!  

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Customized Experience

Your apparel store is customized to your branding so that your visitors know they’re in the right spot. We even offer a custom sub-domain ( or for just $30, we can create a new domain for you ( 

Adjustable Pricing

With Zipp Printing Stores, we keep pricing as simple as possible. We’ll work with you to decide what garment level you want, how much you can add for fundraising, and how to price items to sell. And, if you want to create special coupon codes, we can do that too.

custom apparel stores
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All The Styles

Any name brand, any garment style, any product. We can put your logo on just about anything. Most stores are focused on shirts and hoodies, but we can load your store with so much more. Don’t worry, we can help with ideas as well.

Just like any piece of clothing, there are certain things you can do to help your new garments last longer. Here are a few basic tips. 

  1. Turn your garments inside out for washing. This will reduce the wear on any printing or embroidery.
  2. Dry on low heat.
  3. Avoid ironing directly over any printed areas.

At Zipp, we try to make any process as simple as possible. We want your experience to be a breeze. Here’s how most fundraising stores work.

  1. Choose apparel and print options
  2. Build store
  3. Launch Store
  4. Promote to your organization
  5. Close Store (usually after 2-3 weeks)
  6. Print Apparel
  7. Delivery apparel

Fundraiser stores are only open for a short period of time, while corporate stores can be open indefinitely. The biggest difference is that with corporate stores most items are embroidered since they can’t be printed in bulk. Here’s how it works.

  • Any embroidered items can be sewn as they are ordered, so you don’t have to carry stock.
  • Any screen-printed items, like Tee’s or hoodies, would require a minimum of 12 per design.
  • Any promotional products like mugs, tumblers, or umbrellas, would have their own minimums depending on the product.
  • We’ll work with you to select the items for your store. We can also tell you if an item isn’t selling and you could put it “on sale.”

Apparel stores are just like any other website, you need to share it with people to make sales. Here are some tips for marketing your store. 

  1. Share on social media
  2. Send an email
  3. Put a link on your website
  4. Put it in your newsletter
  5. Send a flyer home with kids/staff
  6. Talk about it at your next team meeting

Ready to launch your store?

Let’s sell some of your awesome custom apparel! We’ll guide you through the process from garment choice to delivery.