If you’re reading this, you likely want to grow your business, get more people to attend your church, or spread the word about your event. You are likely looking for a way to reach more people in a unique and non-boring way. We get it. We print a ton of stuff and some of it is unique and some of it is forgettable. So, here are some tips on how to make your print memorable.

die cut business cards mishawakaFive tips for unique printing

  1. Choose a different stock – these days, most people are flocking toward the heavy weight matte stock. This is a great stock and certainly better than something flimsy, but we have access to a huge variety of stocks that can help you stand out. Try a recycled stock, or maybe our waterproof stock.
  2. Finish – We have 3 popular finishes; Glossy (UV Coated), Matte (smooth but not shiny), or uncoated (feel the paper texture more).  Apart from those, we can also do a soft-touch laminate, velvet finish, and a satin finish. Each finish has a different feel and look that can complement your branding.
  3. Die cut that stuff – We’re all used to rectangular prints, so try coming from a different angle. Round or angle the corners of your business cards. Or make it a circle altogether. We have one customer that die cuts their logo out of the middle of their card and it looks slick.
  4. Design like it’s 1999 – No really, try a bold or unique design. Flashy colors and gradients have made their way back into our hearts and it’s a good time to take a chance on something fresh.
  5. Embellish baby – Utilize embellishments like foil stamping, spot UV, or embossing. These techniques offer a unique feel to your print that will be memorable. We see this a lot in the collegiate world. #GoND

These options are great pieces of a wardrobe, one or two at a time will look great, but all together, not so much. Choose a couple of these options and give it a try. Don’t be afraid to stand out.

Not sure what you want? Schedule an appointment with one of our designers and we can help you pickup some options.

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