Welcome to the Zipp Printing team. 


Zipp Printing exists to support companies with their print marketing needs. We believe in providing quality printing, not just getting the job done. Our customer service is built on the notion of suprise and delight.

Our vision for Zipp Printing is to create an environment where team members feel safe and are encouraged to take chances on opportunities, ideas, and plans for the sake of growth and innovation. Fun is required, but so is hard work. We sacrifice to win. We believe in each other. We work together as a team. This isn’t about greed or making money, this is about blessing people’s lives by helping them grow their business/organization.

Statements that are not permitted:

  • That’s how we’ve always done it!
  • That’s not my job.
  • I can’t.
  • Not my fault.

Statements that are encouraged:

  • I bet we can do it better!
  • Can I help you with that?
  • I can learn.
  • Let’s fix it. 


Underpromise & Overdeliever

Our customers should be assured that we will deliver quality, but let’s deliver even higher quality than what we promised.

Surprise & Delight

Go the extra mile – surprise the customer with extra quality, a kind gesture, or something outside the box.


This isn’t a call to work 100 hours per week – it’s a call to be passionate and work hard, even when you don’t feel like it. Our clients deserve that. 

People Over Profit

We are definitely here to make money, but never at the expense of someone else. We serve, then we are rewarded with satisfaction and money.


Communication is key to healthy relationships, whether that’s with a client, a coworker, or a vendor. Don’t be afraid to over-communicate. 

Zero Gossip

Gossip is a cancer. It’s disrespectful and unacceptable here. Discussions about issues should only be done in a constructive manner with someone who has the ability to do something about it (leadership).

No Complaining

Be positive. If you have a complaint, it should go to your direct leader and you should come prepared with a solution. Also, do not complain about our clients. We don’t exist without them.
















  • Time and a half will be paid for work performed past 40 hrs in a week for hourly team members.
  • Salary team members are not paid overtime.
  • Excessive overtime (over 3 hours in a given week) must be pre-approved by management.
Time and Attendance
    • Being late is a matter of respect. We all have things to do and being late says that you don’t respect the other person’s time. Make sure you’re on time to meetings, on time to work, and make time to be able to stay for the whole meeting. 
    • We don’t necessarily have strict office hours, but our standard time is 8am-5pm with 30-60 minutes allotted for lunch/break during the day. 
    • Consistently being late or absent will prompt a review and can result in termination.
      • Have a soda, the bottom shelf in the fridge is to share!
      • We provide cool Apple products, awesome apparel, and access to learning tools. 
      • We don’t quite yet offer the traditional benefits of health insurance or a 401k. We’re happy to connect you with a financial advisor to help you protect yourself and invest. 
      • During your interview, your wage will be discussed and determined. Wage increase will be discussed during your annual evaluations. 
      • Wages are set per calendar year, unless otherwise discussed. 
      • Compensation is posted every other Wednesday through direct deposit.
      • Paid Time Off is available to each team member at different levels. 

      1-3 years: 5 days

      4-5 years: 10 days

      6+ years: 15 days

      • PTO can be taken at a max of 7 consecutive days unless otherwise permitted by management. 
      • Team members must work 6 months before any paid time off is allotted. 
      • Hourly employees receive the average of hours worked per week over the year after 6 months. 
      • Paid Holidays (For full-time team members)
      • If the holiday falls on a weekend, either Friday or Monday can be taken off with pay.

      - New Year's Day

      - Memorial Day

      - Easter

      - 4th of July

      - Labor Day

      - Thanksgiving Day

      - Christmas Day

      • Applies to direct family relationships; spouse, child, sibling, parent, grandparent. 
      • Up to 3 days PTO is available unless otherwise permitted by management
      Sick Leave
      • 3 days of paid sick leave are available to every employee after 90 days. 
      • Unpaid sick leave is available up to 10 days. Any time beyond that will be reviewed by case. 
      Maternity Leave
      • Please see Maternity Policy in Evernote

      Social Media

      Take a look at the values again. As long as we stay true to those, go ahead; create your content and give out those likes. 


      Just as we care about analytics on our webpages, we care about analytics about you! All tasks are expected to be listed in Asana. This way, your coworkers know what you’re currently working on, and therefore what to communicate with you about. It’s a way to stay accountable and efficient.


      Stay organized. Use the tools we have to stay organized. Our team and clients deserve for us to stay organized and professional. If you have a tool to help stay organized, share it with leadership for us to research and possibly deploy.

      dress code

      While we have a fairly casual workplace, we still need to be presentable. Our company dress code is simple; business casual or company gear. Avoid dirty or unkempt clothing and hair. No workout clothing. Friday's tend to be more casual. Dress for the job you want ????.

      THE VAN

      • Only use the company vehicle when you are delivering or handling other work related matters during work hours. 
      • Only use the van with a valid driver’s license. 
      • A copy of your valid driver’s license needs to be on file before you drive the van.


      • We come from a very diverse world. Our policy is the golden rule: treat others the way you would want to be treated. 
      Non Disclosure
      • By working here, you are promising to keep our info and any client info confidential. Any operational info, client details and contacts, supplier info, and financial info must be kept private. 
      Non Compete 
      • While working at Blackwood, all Blackwood team members commit to a non-compete. You shall not work for or start a business that competes with any Hilltop Group company or Brand, including but not limited to Blackwood Creative, Magenta Cleaning, and Zipp Printing. This includes freelancing. Freelancing is only permitted on a case-by-case basis and must be approved in writing by Kyle Johnson. This permission can be revoked if the freelancing causes your work at Blackwood to suffer in any way. Competing is when you do work for a client that could/would have hired our company to do that work.
      • Safety is of utmost importance at Zipp. Making safe decisions is not only important for your safety, but for your team mates as well.
      Hiring and Firing
        • Hiring happens through 2-3 interviews followed up with an offer contingent on a background check. For payment regulations, refer to ‘the money stuff.’
        • Any failure to comply with the rules and procedures listed in this document provides reason to terminate. Termination can take place after two formal warnings. 
      Drug and Alcohol Policy
          • Don’t come to work drunk or high.
        Personal Behaviour
        • Whether we like it or not, we are always representing our company. Be aware of this, even on your personal social.
        • Be kind. Be loving. Don’t be offensive, but don’t be easily offended.
        • We reserve the right to release you from the team based on your words or actions.