Zipp Printing Terms and Conditions

The legal/technical mumbo jumbo that you should probably know about

This Website

Let’s start with this website. By being on the website, you’re giving us permission to track your movement on the website and even possibly follow you off the website with that creepy re-targetting advertising stuff. Don’t worry, we hate spam as much as you do and we’re not in the business of selling your info. Honestly, we don’t even know how to do that. Also, when you email us, you give us permission to email you back, and sometimes we might send you a quick promotional email. You can always unsubscribe if you’d like.


This section is pretty important. We want to start by saying we always do our best to provide you with exceptional products and services in a timely manor. However, we’re only human and mistakes and delays do happen. Therefore, we can’t guarantee any delivery times, accuracy on your prints (like dates, times, AM/PM, spelling, grammar, etc.), exact number of prints (technically, we’re allowed to deliver up to 5% under or over the quantity you asked for, but we’re good at our jobs and almost never go that far under), etc. Also, we don’t do refunds. But, if we (notice we said we, and not you) made a mistake, we’ll be glad to reprint on our dime. This doesn’t mean that after we printed, if you didn’t like the particular shade of green we’ll reprint. This means if we do something like print it the wrong size or a different paper than you asked for. We always ask if you’d like to see a proof before we print and we highly recommend you take us up on that. It helps reduce these types of issues. Usually proofs are digital, but if you must see and touch it, we can print a proof of almost any job.

Customer Supplied Material

Sometimes you may want to supply your own material like paper or garments. While we can accept those occasionaly, we cannot guarantee those items. Therefore, if there’s an issue in printing, the customer must supply new material at their own expense. We do not offer compensation for damaged materials lost in the printing process. We strongly urge you to allow us to supply materials so that we can guarantee those items. We have access to many material options and many times we can get a better price than retail. 


In our world, we often end up designing or rebuilding an exiting design. Since we’re human, we can make mistakes occasionally. That’s why we send you a proof before we print. When you receive a proof, you are expected to check for any errors including, but not limited to; spelling, grammar, colors, layout, updated content, correct photos, etc. This proof process is very important. If we print something that you have approved, we are not liable for any mistakes after printing and will not permit any refunds, discounts, or free reprints. We do offer a 10% discount on a second printing of a corrected file. This policy applies no matter who made the mistake. Please look over every proof carefully.


See our Payments page for more info on our payment options and terms.