It’s been a few months since our last post about having a successful trade show booth. Even so, we still firmly believe that trade shows can impact the growth of your business. If you do it right, you’ll definitely reap the benefits. Here are three extra tips to make your trade show booth not suck.

1. Prepare for the demographic that’ll attend.

Every trade show draws in a different crowd. Whichever one you’re planning to attend, make sure to do your research and find out the other types of businesses who will be there. Once you know who’ll be there, you can plan out the angle you’ll take to put your business out there. If you’re the only business of your kind in a sea of others, make sure you’re bringing traffic to your booth. Make it stand out: bright colors, your logo displayed everywhere, and a clear message of what you can do for people who choose to work with your business.

2. Advertise in advance.

Once you know the trade show you’re going to and the demographic it draws, start advertising! Put up posters, work with your social media team (or our sister company, Blackwood Creative), and get your business’s name out there. By showing off your company before the event, you can peak the interest of people who will want to stop by your booth. 

3. Don’t stay seated – you know what you’re talking about!

One of the worst things you could do at a trade show is stay seated behind your table. Get up and interact with people at your booth! You know about your business and what it can offer to clients – don’t keep that information to yourself. It deserves to be shared, and who better to share it than you?
As we’ve said, when it comes to trade shows, you get out what you put in.

When you put in time, effort, research, and a little sprinkle of love, you can’t go wrong. If you’re looking for the materials that’ll make your trade show booth sparkle (think posters, tablecloths, brochures, business cards, etc.), reach out to us here at Zipp Printing! We love making businesses look good – let’s create something beautiful together.