It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Our print shop has been busy creating beautiful designs for the holidays. Christmas cards have been a longstanding tradition for the season, and they’re a great way to share season’s greetings with your family or your clients. We’ve had the awesome opportunity to design some beautiful cards this holiday season. Here are three of our favorites!

Wintry Blue & Shiny Gold

Our designers here at Zipp had a great time creating this holiday card! Traditional reds and greens are typically associated with the holidays. This year, however, deep blue has come onto the scene as the color of the year for 2019. It worked out perfectly for this card – this blue is one of Backstrom’s branding colors! The always-classy combination of blue and gold is both festive and functional for this business’s joint Christmas and New Year’s cards. 

Deep Blue Snowflakes & Stripes

This beautiful card was designed by one of our customers, McKinnies Realty. The simple yet eye-catching combination of snowflakes and stripes adds a unique touch to a traditional holiday symbol. Plus, this design is right on trend with the deep blue background and accents! The white background adds a nice contrast and really makes the customer’s design stand out. Additionally, the small logo and room for signatures within the card adds a personal touch from this business!

Festive Family Photos

We were more than happy to create this lovely Christmas card for Zipp’s owner, Kyle Johnson, and his beautiful family. The slatted background and wreath graphic add a rustic feel that perfectly complements the outdoor photos. Additionally, the gold accents add a classy border to help the photos stand out from the background. The cursive script makes the card feel handwritten and personal; overall, it’s a perfect card for the Christmas season!

Whether you’re looking for holiday cards or other business marketing materials, we’ve got you covered. Zipp is a leader when it comes to beautiful printed materials. At Zipp Printing, we deliver quality printing, surprisingly fast. We wish you all a happy holiday season, and a blessed New Year!