It can seem like a daunting task to decide what marketing materials you truly need to print for your business. There are endless options for things you can personalize with your logo, and it can take some trial and error to determine what’s really necessary and worth keeping around. However, there are a handful of non-negotiable printed marketing materials you need to have for your business. Here are 3 printed marketing materials that your business needs ASAP.

1. Business Cards

Even though our world gets more digital by the day, the paper business card is here for the long haul. It’s a personal touch and offers a great opportunity to build your brand. When you design your business card, make sure to include your name and title, company name, logo and tagline, phone and mobile number, website URL and social media addresses. If it’s necessary to have your business’s physical address, add that as well. 

Photo by Jukebox Print on Unsplash

When it comes to the design aspect, you can play around a little bit to make your business cards unique to your business. You can really make it stand out by changing the size or thickness of your paper stock! Just remember: printed marketing materials are a reflection of your brand, so they should use the same font and colors as the rest of your branding.

2. Brochures

It’s very beneficial to have an option for those potential customers who just want to read about your company on their own time. A brochure allows you to share key information about your product or service. It also lets the customer know all about your staff, your mission and your goals, helping them to feel encouraged to reach out. Your brochure can be as long or short as you want it to be, but it may be helpful to limit it to a trifold or four-panel size.

As you’re designing your brochures, make sure the front panel is enticing enough to open it up and keep reading. What’s going to make your reader open up your brochure? Once you’ve gotten them to look inside, make sure they’re greeted with calls to action – get them to give you a call! Include all contact information for your business so you can ensure that your readers are going to reach an actual person when they contact you. If applicable, consider including a coupon or promotion in the brochure so your reader is less likely to throw it away after reading!

3. Flyers

Flyers are fantastic marketing tools for promoting events, announcing sales and openings of new locations, offering discounts or promotions, and more! A flyer is only one page, so the key is to be as brief as possible. Plus, the whole purpose of the flyer is the call to action, so stand out!

Photo by Jonne Huotari on Unsplash

No matter how your flyer looks, make sure that it’s infinitely clear what you want the viewer to do. Attend an event? Purchase a product? Take advantage of a sale? Come to an open house? Say it plainly! Additionally, it’s great to incentivize your flyers. For example, at the bottom of your flyer, you could write, “bring in this flyer for 10% off!” That’ll certainly grab attention!

And what do all three of these printed marketing materials have in common? You can get them printed by our team here at Zipp Printing! From business cards, flyers, and brochures to shirts, hats, and mugs, we deliver quality printing, surprisingly fast. Contact us to start printing today!