Do your business cards need a makeover? Zipp Printing has the tools to make it happen.

If your first impression to your potential client is the main course, your business card is the side dish – it’s a representation of you, your brand, and what you are able to do for your clients, and it should complement you. When your business card looks like everyone else’s, it’s not doing its job. 

Many people believe that business cards are no longer necessary, but our folks here at Zipp don’t believe that’s the case. Wondering why they’re still relevant? Here are 4 things you may not know about business cards.

1. It’s more impressive to hand someone a card than shoot them an email.

An email is great as a follow-up, but because an exchange of business cards happens in person rather than through a screen, you are able to make a much better impression on your potential client. 

2. The more eye-catching your card is, the more business you’ll get.

People are naturally drawn to certain shapes, colors, and font styles. Use that psychology to your advantage! Circles can communicate friendliness and inclusivity; organic shapes portray nature; sharp and angled shapes signify power, The list goes on and on. Figuring out what shape best conveys your company’s ethics will make your business card more attractive to your clients. 

3. Your business card should match – or at least coordinate – with your website.

Does your company have colors? If so, those colors should be present on your business card. But if not, choose colors that help communicate your values and your business. Consistency is important across all your platforms, whether on paper or online. 

4. You’re totally allowed to brag on your business card.

At the end of the day, you’re trying to sell something: your services. Chances are, you aren’t the only one doing what you’re doing. But you are the only one doing it exactly how you’re doing it. A short statement about your success or a little slogan can make your business card (and yourself) stand out without sounding arrogant. 

Bonus fact! Not all business cards are created equal. Here at Zipp, we realize that. We have tons of different options to help make your business cards memorable. Whether you’re going for something bright and colorful or polished and professional, we’ll work with you to create the best card for your brand. 

The last thing you want is for your business card to sit in a stack on someone’s desk, buried away and forgotten. Contact the team here at Zipp to help get your business card out of the stack and into your client’s hand.