When handing out corporate gifts to those in the office, choosing the right items might seem difficult. You don’t necessarily know what each person likes, and you don’t want to get one person something better than the next person. If you’re struggling to find the right corporate gifts, use this list of the top five options that are actually good! Anyone who receives one of these gifts would be glad they did.

1. Phone Power Banks

Provide the gift of a phone power bank to people in the office. These power banks come in handy when phones are dying, and there is no charger around to use to increase that battery percentage. Most people use their phones throughout the day, whether they’re at work or home. Because people use their phones to make calls, send text messages, send emails, and even browse the web, phone power banks are the kind of gift anyone can use. They work as a power source for phones to keep them fully charged and usable. You can find dozens of different types of power banks available in various sizes and colors. The great thing about these devices, other than their ability to keep phones charged, is that they’re portable. It’s easy to travel with them.

2. Essential Oil Diffusers

You can’t go wrong with giving out essential oil diffusers as gifts to those in a corporate setting. However, many people like to use diffusers in the office and at home to promote comfort, relaxation, concentration, and more. You can find affordable yet stylish and decorative diffusers that each person can use at home, whether they want to put it in their bedroom or keep it in the living room for everyone to see and smell when walking through the front door. If you’re handing out oil diffusers as gifts, be sure to include a few different types of essential oils, such as lavender essential oil. It has relaxing properties that can make you feel more at ease after a stressful day! Look at other types of essential oils available, compare the scents, and then choose who gets what with their diffusers.

3. Coolers

Coolers are a convenient gift to give because people can use them. You may want to choose mini portable coolers that users can wear on their backs when traveling. It’s perfect for those who like to go hiking or on road trips and wouldn’t want to have to make a bunch of stops to get to where they’re going. People can pack all kinds of things in the cooler, such as bottled water, cans of beers, sandwiches, and much more, depending on where they’re going and what they’re planning to do. Some people might even choose to use mini coolers for packing lunches to take with them to work. You can’t go wrong when you give these coolers out as gifts during the holiday season or to show appreciation to those working in the office.

4. Apparel

Consider getting apparel for those in the corporate office. You can ask them to jot down their sizes at some point, ensuring that you’re buying the right size for each person. Be sure to get the same type of apparel for everyone in the office so that no one feels left out. You can get custom t-shirts, hats, and other neat clothing and accessories for them. Make sure you’re selecting items that they’ll look forward to wearing. If you’re getting apparel that doesn’t look good, they’re not going to want to wear those clothes! Also, it’s best to choose high-quality materials that will leave office workers feeling comfortable and cozy instead of irritated and uncomfortable.

5. Gift Cards

It’s not a bad idea to give out gift cards to those in the office. Sure, it might seem generic and doesn’t have a personal touch, but you can please anyone with a gift card. Before you buy the gift cards, think of where you’d like to get them. For example, instead of choosing a gift card for a specific store, you might want to choose a Visa or American Express gift card that these people can use as a credit/debit card when shopping for different items. Providing such a convenient option allows the gift recipients to choose where they’d like to shop and spend the money.

Finding the right corporate gifts to give to workers might seem difficult. They each have different personalities and like other things. However, these are some great gift options that those working in the office can use. Whether it’s a power bank, mini cooler, or even a gift card that they can spend to buy themselves something nice, the thought is there. The next time you need to buy corporate gifts, choose from one of these five options to avoid the frustration of finding that perfect gift to give out.

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