Everybody loves a freebie and consequently, everyone loves a free magnet for their fridge. This awesome coincidence puts you and your business in a great position to do something fun and creative with your magnets. Here are 5 ways you can use a custom magnet from Zipp.


Take out sign mishawaka

Take Out Advertising  

Investing money into a magnet could be a great way to stay top of mind for many families on delivery nights. Our key tip is to not only show your logo, brief menu, and contact information, but also be sure to include all the delivery apps you’re available on. That way, if the person doesn’t feel like calling, they’ll know that you’re available on another app. For some people, delivery fees on apps are better than calling in an order. To others, saving the door-dash delivery fees is way worth it and prefer to look at a magnet. Either way, be sure your customer knows they can reach you.


Top of Mind Advertising

Are you a real estate agent? Maybe a dentist? Maybe even a hairstylist? Well, whatever you are, having your face and your contact information on a magnet could get you business. Everyone needs to hang up their kid’s artwork on the fridge somehow, so why not be apart of that journey by slapping a picture of your face and including your work phone number on a the piece of plastic/metal that hangs up that artwork?


Business man in suit on phone
Writing on calendar

Branded Calendars

A branded calendar is a sneaky way to stay up on people’s fridges for a long time, get them to glance at you everyday, and ultimately engrain your business’s logo into their mind. If you’re looking to grow your brand recognition, a custom branded magnet calendar might be the way to go.



Baby shower coming up? Maybe you’re sending out a save the date? We can do that too. Make sure that people never miss your event again with a custom magnet to remind them every time they go for a midnight snack. Or a midday snack. Or an after meal snack. It be like that sometimes. 


Save the date card women in wedding dress
Magnets on fridge in kitchen

Just For Fun

There is nothing like a nice family photo up on the fridge. Or maybe a nice picture of grandma. Your mother-in-law? We don’t care what it is as long as you love it. In any case, a nice photo magnet could be a great way to spice up the decor on your fridge and we can help you design and print them. 


Did we convince you? Are you dying for a custom magnet now? Maybe not? Either way, reach out to us. We can make anything you think of, including custom magnets. So, don’t hesitate to reach out today!