When working in a corporate office, one of the best ways to show appreciation to workers is to give them corporate calendars. Now that 2022 is right around the corner, you can order custom corporate calendars for 2022. With the proper calendars, you encourage individuals to keep track of appointments and important dates, check your availability with ease, and mark the day off at the end of the night. It might sound simple, but calendars are a convenient item worth having close by.

1. Decide on the Specific Colors You’d Like to Use

Before getting started, you’ll need to choose the specific colors that you’d like to use on these colors. You may select the colors you prefer or stick with a color scheme consisting of several hues that work well together. Be sure to browse different color schemes for inspiration and consider the types of images you’re having added to the calendars to make sure everything looks good. It’s one of the first of several important decisions you’ll need to make during the design process.

2. Choose the Text Style and Size for the Calendar

After selecting the color, it’s time to choose the text style and size for the calendar. Browse through hundreds of different fonts to find the perfect one. It’s best to choose a legible font in a size that people can see. You wouldn’t want to have calendars printed with small text that makes it harder for people to see the numbers, months, and other added information for different dates. You can pick a simple font or something more extravagant, but make sure it looks good and is easy to read.

3. Pick the Image to Add to the Front of the Calendar

Decide on the image you’d like to add to the front of the calendar. It’s the first thing people will see before they open their calendars. Some business owners want to include the name of the business, along with its logo. While it’s an option, you can also have a photo of office members together. Be sure to choose an image that will get people excited about receiving these calendars from you.

4. Choose Images for Each Month of the Year

By the time you’ve selected the color, text style, and other essential elements of the calendars, you should have an idea of the theme you’re trying to achieve with the corporate calendars that you’re planning to hand out in the office. With that theme in mind, consider the images you’d like to use for each month of the year because you have many options. If you’re drawing a blank and aren’t sure what you’d like to put in that open space, consider some of the following ideas:

  • Artwork. You can’t go wrong with selecting an image of beautiful artwork for each month. Looking at the artwork can leave people feeling inspired. It’s perfect for hanging in the office or at home. Best of all, you can choose from dozens of different types of artwork based on what you think others would like to see.
  • Animals. Most people love animals, whether they’re cats, dogs, horses, or even cows! If your job has anything to do with animals, it’s a fun way to include them in the calendar.
  • Flowers. There are so many beautiful flowers in existence, so why not use images of them as the primary images for different months throughout the year. Each type’s bright colors and unique appearance make for the perfect image to add to a calendar.

Of course, these are only a handful of options. If you don’t want to use flowers, animals, or artwork as images for the calendar, choose something else that you feel people would like, appreciate, and want to hang on their office or home walls.

5. Why Are the Corporate Calendars Good to Give Out?

The corporate calendars are perfect for handing out in the office because everyone can use them. Who doesn’t need a physical calendar in front of their face? Sure, you can look at the calendar on your phone, but it isn’t the same. Some people feel pleasure in marking off each day and adding tasks that need to be completed to different dates throughout the week. If you’re that kind of person, know that plenty of other people feel the same way, which is why these calendars are worth getting for the office.

If you’re planning to hand out corporate calendars, be sure to think about what you want them to look like beforehand. The goal is to get unique calendars designed for your corporate environment with a theme of your choosing. Then, once you’ve selected the most essential features, including the size and style of the text, images used, and size of the calendars, you can get them printed and delivered to you to hand out to others.