Custom ornaments and holiday cards are the perfect gifts to hand out in a corporate environment. When you’re not sure what to get for the people you work with in the office, a cute custom ornament, and a lovely card is an excellent way to show your appreciation during the holiday season. Before you choose any random ornament and card, know that you can get custom-made options designed to your liking before you get started.

1. Choosing the Perfect Holiday Cards

Before focusing on ornaments, it all begins with the perfect holiday cards. Sure, you can go to a store and find holiday cards, but they don’t have that personal touch that custom-made options would have. If you want to be involved in the design process from start to finish, getting your holiday cards made to your liking is a great idea.

Gloss or Matte?

First, think about the type of finish you’d like to have on your holiday cards. It may not seem too important, but choosing the perfect finish can drastically enhance the overall appearance of the holiday cards that you’re creating. For example, when you select gloss, you can expect the cards to have a shiny finish that makes them stand out anywhere, whether the person receiving the card is in the office, outside, or at home when looking at it. However, matte is also a stylish finish that can improve the look of a card. Be sure to look at different samples of gloss and matte to decide which finish you like best.

Personal Touch

What type of message would you like to convey in your holiday cards? You can add a personal touch with a short message to those who will receive these cards. Best of all, you can handwrite the short message and have it added to every card. Most people don’t expect to see a handwritten note, setting your holiday cards apart from the other ones received. You can keep it short, sweet, and simple while wishing everyone a joyous holiday season. It’s so simple. If people know you as someone who likes joking around, you may even want to include a joke in your holiday card.

Color Theme

Don’t forget to choose the ideal color theme. Of course, most people choose red and green, along with other primary colors, for their holiday cards. While it’s an option, you don’t have to stick with those typical holiday colors. Instead, choose the colors that you think will look best with the images you’ll have added to your holiday cards before handing them out.

2. Creating Your Custom Ornaments

You can have the perfect custom ornaments created to hand out as gifts, but before you do so, be sure to think about the way that you’d like them to look. You may even want to draw some sketches of these ornaments before getting them created.

The Specific Shape of the Ornament

Not all ornaments have the same shape. So first, decide on the shape that you’d prefer, whether you want something round, oblong, or even another option with an overall unique appearance. After you’ve carefully selected the shape of your ornaments, you may then decide on colors and designs.

The Designs and Colors

What colors would you like to use on the custom ornaments? They don’t need to be red or green if you don’t want to overdo it with the holiday colors. Instead, consider comparing different color schemes until you find what you like. Be sure to consider the design or logo you’re adding to the ornaments. Some people like to include the business logo on their ornaments to promote the business in the gift. If you don’t want to do that, you don’t have to. Instead, you can select from different designs or have a unique design made specifically for your custom ornaments.

Once you’ve made the most critical decisions on the design and style of the ornaments, you can get your custom ornaments designed and sent to you. Don’t forget to wrap them nicely in gift wrap before handing them out with the holiday cards.

3. Get Custom Ornaments and Holiday Cards to Give as Gifts

Play it safe with custom holiday cards and ornaments when you don’t know what to get for different people, especially in a corporate environment. You can decide on everything from start to finish, including colors used, designs added, and text displayed on both the cards and the ornaments.

These items will set you apart from the rest because you’re creating custom pieces that people can keep for as long as they’d like. You can also show appreciation for hard work and effort with a handwritten-style custom holiday card that everyone will love. But, of course, it pays to get a professional company to help you get your custom ornaments and holiday cards ready for the holiday season.

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