One of the biggest challenges for many clients is deciding whether a glossy or matte finish is more appropriate for a specific project. Some products are generally done with one finish or the other, but taking artistic liberties is always welcome! Here are a few of the different advantages to using each type of finish for your marketing products.

What are the benefits of a glossy finish?

The glossy finish is wonderful for making your product’s colors pop and catching the eye of your potential client. Glossy coating also makes photos and images look more high-definition, and the way the light reflects off of the finish is difficult to miss. If you’re looking to grab the attention of your potential clients, then a glossy finish would be perfect for you.

Posters, brochures, and photos are most frequently printed with a glossy finish. By having this coating, the finished product has a beautiful shine and the colors appear brighter and more saturated. Additionally, the glossy coating acts as a protective layer against stains and damage. A glossy coating is better for business cards with photos because it protects the image and helps it stand out against the text and background.

What are the benefits of a matte finish?

The matte finish looks very polished; it works exceptionally well with more muted or rustic color schemes. They feel more natural and genuine, and they are very easy on the eyes. The matte finish is considered more traditional; if your business has a more practical feel, then matte may be the ideal option for your company. 

For art prints and special occasion photos, a matte finish contributes to an authentic and genuine atmosphere. Particularly for pieces of art, the matte finish allows the artwork itself to stand out without adding the distraction of extra light reflecting off of the gloss. Matte finish is typically the standard for greeting cards or stationery because it gives off a more luxurious and inviting vibe. 

When does it come down to personal preference and brand personality?

Products such as business cards, flyers, and postcards are equally professional with both styles of print. In the end, it truly comes down to what you prefer and what the overall atmosphere of your business is like. The glossy finish is more eye-catching and dazzling, whereas the matte finish is more formal and traditional. 

Overall, the choice is yours – which finish better represents your business? If you need help deciding, contact us here at Zipp Printing. We’ll be more than happy to help you finish your products!