Today, when we think of thank you’s, we probably think of sending a quick LinkedIn message, Instagram DM, or something like an email/text message. Oftentimes, it doesn’t even cross our mind to hand-write a thank you not because we don’t care to, but because it isn’t as top of mind as other forms of gratitude. That being said, thank you cards are not dead. Among other things, sending a handwritten thank you card sends two very important messages to the recipient:


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1. You Care


 We all know how it feels to receive a personal thank you card. If you haven’t received a personalized thank you card, know that it feels great. Thank you cards can say many things, but mostly they say that the particular person took the valuable time out of their busy day to reflect and hand-write a thank you. That is a pretty amazing thing and communicates a lot more than a simple online message might. 

On the other side, taking a moment of reflection to acknowledge your gratitude towards a certain person is a great way to tell the person that you care about them and also is a great way to practice daily gratitude for those in your life. Taking the extra time to sit down and reflect while hand-writing a note gives a more personal touch to the receiver while also communicating to that person that you are genuinely thankful for them. All of these factors combined send a message of care to the recipient.

2. Your Business Is Invested

As a business, having a custom designed thank you card ready to go for when it’s needed is key. Having thank you’s ready to go can not only save time but can send a message of “put togetherness” to the receiver. A timely thank you card tells the receiver that your business is prepared for all situations and also that your business regularly practices gratitude towards it’s employees and anyone else it interact with. That is a great quality to have in a business and speaks towards your company culture and values.


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In addition to saving time and elevating your business’s image, sending personalized thank you cards elevates you in the person’s mind. It gives the impression, whether the receiving person acknowledges it or not, that your business invests in it’s people and will be taking good care of them. For the receiving person a thank you card can be a sort of reassuring or even comforting thing about doing business with your company. Taking the time out of your busy day speaks volumes about how invested you are into that person and is therefore an investment into your business.

If you need custom branded thank you cards, do not hesitate to reach out to us at Zipp. We will happily help you design anything you can imagine. Let us help you express gratitude to those around you!