Holiday Printing Mishawaka

We’re not ones to rush time, but we do like to help our customers plan ahead. That’s why we’re writing a post about holiday printing in September. So, as you’re looking ahead at the final quarter of the year, thinking about marketing tactics for Thanksgiving, Black Friday (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Monday, whatever it is now), Christmas, and the New Year, consider how printing fits in. Unlike digital, printing takes a little more time to prepare. Also, heaven forbid a date is wrong or some error happens on printing, you’ll need time to reprint (hopefully not, because we know you’ll triple check before we print it). So here are some things to consider as you prepare for print.

  1. Target Market – Yes, you need to consider your target market (people you want to reach) in your printing. What type of design, feel, look, etc. does that market like? Are we talking millennials or boomers?
  2. Medium – No, not like small, medium, large. How are you going to deliver these prints to your target market. Will they be mailed, in the paper, handed out, in a gift basket, or placed on a desk? This is a crucial part of the plan as it will dictate the type of paper we use, the size, and if there’s any folding involved.
  3. Timing – If you need a Black Friday sale postcard to be in mailboxes the Monday before Thanksgiving, your postcards should be printed at least 2 weeks before that. They need to be to the distribution center at least 10 days before that Monday. That means you need to think of your sales and postcard design about a month before you want them in mailboxes. So, it’s always better to plan far in advance so you’re not scrambling last minute.

So, when it’s time to start planning your holiday marketing, let us know so we can help.