Sending a piece of written business communication without a letterhead is like attaching a pogo stick to each of your legs  – you can do it, but why would you? A company letterhead is an absolutely essential part of your business and your branding. Whether or not it’s one of the first things you think about, it’s something you can’t forget! Let’s talk about letterheads.

What is a letterhead?

A company letterhead is typically at the top of any letters or stationery you send out. It contains the most important information about your business, including contact information so people can reach out to you when necessary. In addition to giving your recipient important information, it also communicates your brand’s messages and values. With that in mind, you want to make sure it represents your business well!

There are 5 standard components within most letterheads:

1. The name of your company.

This one may seem a little obvious, but you must have your company name within your letterheads! How you list it will depend on the type of company you own. If you are a sole trader, put your own name as well as your business’s name; for a partnership, list the legal business name, as well as ALL partners. Some businesses have too many partners to fit. In that case, put a link in your letterhead that directs recipients to a website where all of your business partners’ names are listed. Don’t forget to also include your logo! Remember, letterheads are a part of your branding.

2. Any registered locations of your company.

Occasionally, businesses have both a mailing address (like a PO box) and a physical address. Additionally, many businesses have more than one physical location. No matter how many locations or registered addresses you have, you must list them all in your letterhead. However, if you don’t have enough room to list all registered business addresses, you can do the same thing as with multiple business partners. As long as that information is present in some capacity, you’re golden! Make sure you have at least one address (most likely your physical one) in your letterheads. The exception to this would be if one of your registered business addresses is your place of residence. Your recipients don’t need to be able to find your house! ????

3. The company registration number, if applicable.

You typically only have to worry about adding the company registration number if you are operating as a limited liability company (LLC). If this applies to your business, you should include your registration number in your letterheads. 

4. Any necessary contact information for your business.

You know the drill! Your business’s phone number, an email address, your website, and your business’s physical address are three of the most vital pieces of information you can provide with your clients or potential clients. Make sure you’re accessible for any questions they may have!

What’s included in the letterheads of different types of businesses?

While there are consistencies between most letterheads, there are a few tweaks that can be made depending on which type of business you run. 

Sole Trader Business: Sole traders can either use their own name or choose a business name to operate under. For the second option, you should include both your name and your business’s name in addition to your registered business address and contact information.

Partnership: Letterheads and invoices for partnerships should include the names of all partners plus the address of the main location. As we mentioned earlier, for businesses with multiple partners, you can replace the list of names with a link to a website where all of the partners’ names are listed.

Limited Liability Company (LLC): Limited liability companies will typically need all four of the list items above. Make sure your letterheads include your registered business name and address, registration number, and all contact information. That includes physical addresses, your business’s website, a phone number (or fax number if applicable) and an email address.

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