If you’re the principal of a school, choosing the fitting uniforms for students to wear is an integral part of getting things ready for the start of a new year. Your school deserves to have cool and comfortable uniforms that they look forward to wearing. The thing about school uniforms is that children often don’t like them because they irritate their skin, leave them feeling uncomfortable throughout the day, and don’t make them feel their best. However, when you choose the best options for the students attending your school, you can get them excited about wearing their uniforms each day.


The first thing you’ll need to focus on is the apparel. Starting with the shirts, look for high-quality materials that are soft on the skin and not irritating. No child wants to wear an uncomfortable shirt for several hours each day. It’s a distraction that can get in the way of their learning and enjoying themselves at school. Once you find the suitable material for the shirts, decide on the colors. While some schools have set colors, others don’t. Next, consider what colors you’d like to see students wear.

Once you’ve settled on the shirts, it’s time to think about the bottoms. You may want to offer an impressive selection of bottoms for students to choose from when deciding what to wear, such as shorts, pants, skirts, and dresses. It all depends on the type of school you’re getting the uniforms for, along with the specific options you’d like to provide to your students. You’ll also need to decide on a color for the bottoms, whether you prefer khaki, navy blue, or even black. The options available are endless, so you can indeed find stylish and comfortable bottoms for students to wear as their uniform while attending your school.


Don’t forget about the importance of embroidery. It ties the look together, personalizes each of the uniform shirts, and adds appeal to the students’ shirts. Most schools will have the name of the school embroidered on one side of the shirt. If you’re planning to do the same, you’ll need to determine which side you’d like to add the school’s name and then decide on the font and color.

Pay close attention to font and color options. It’s essential to choose something that will look good on the color of the shirts selected as part of the uniform. If you choose something too dark, the name of the school might not be noticeable. If you pick something lighter and brighter, it’s easier to see on dark-colored shirts.

Screen Printing

Screen-printed t-shirts and shorts are great for gym class when the children dress in casual clothing. You can get comfortable and casual t-shirts printed with the initials of the school or the school logo displayed on the front. Children can get excited about wearing these t-shirts on those casual days when they have gym class or a trip to go on with the rest of the class. Before deciding on the specific design or logo that you’d like to have printed on the front of the t-shirts, you’ll need to choose a color for them.

Some schools choose the colors that already represent the school, such as maroon, navy blue, or light blue. It’s always a good idea to have at least two options for children to choose from. It makes them feel like they still have a say with what they’re wearing to school while still complying with the uniform policy. After you’ve selected the colors that you’re planning on using for these shirts, you may then choose if you’re going to the school’s full name, the school’s initials or something else screen-printed on the front.

Get the Coolest and Most Comfortable Uniforms for Your Students

Make sure your school has cool uniforms by putting in the effort to research the different options available for students. It’s best to invest in high-quality materials to keep students comfortable throughout the school year, especially when it’s hot outside or cold outside. It’s also helpful to provide different options for students to choose from, especially when it comes to the uniforms they’ll wear for gym class. Now that you know you have options, be sure to go through everything available to you and then decide based on what you feel works best for all the students.

When your students have a cool and comfortable uniform, it makes them feel good. If they’re feeling good, they’re going to get excited about going to school and learning new things. Who knew a uniform could have such a positive effect on children? It might sound a bit crazy, but it’s true. Once you select new uniforms for the students, including both screen-printed and embroidered options, you’ll quickly start to see the difference it makes for the children.

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