We’re almost to the end of one of the craziest years we’ve seen thus far! Like most of the world, we’re really looking forward to the start of 2021. One of our favorite things to do each year is take a look at the trends we saw over the year, and the time has come to make some predictions for 2021 printing trends. Let’s take a look at what we’ve seen this year and what we can look forward to shortly!

We all craved nostalgia in 2020, so fonts will rise to the occasion in 2021.

There’s just nothing that can replace tradition. In a year full of uncertainty like 2020, it was common for people to crave familiarity and a sense of comfort in all aspects of life and design. We have seen a rise in the use of traditional Serif fonts already; we expect that to continue into the next year.

2021 Printing Trends - Zipp Printing

According to font psychology, Serif fonts evoke a sense of establishment and tradition; typically, businesses who have been around for a long time or who have more “traditional” lines of work (think: lawyers) gravitate towards Serif fonts. However, heading into 2021, more brands seem to be incorporating Serif fonts that fit their style. If a Serif font seems like it may fit your business, get on it ahead of the curve! 

2021 Printing Trends - Zipp Printing

Direct mail marketing is shaping up to be a key player among 2021 printing trends.

We talked about direct mail marketing a few months back, and we’re proud to continue standing by what we said. It’s not a dead form of marketing at all! In fact, we’re seeing a rise in direct mail campaigns. This can likely be attributed largely to the number of people staying home this year; as we continue into the new year, the world will still probably be inside for a time, so it makes sense to meet your customers right where they’re at.

For every business, direct mail marketing takes on a different form. You may see more success sending snail mail than email – plus, it’s fairly inexpensive, and who doesn’t love saving money? Whether you send postcards or enveloped letters, it’s a great way to add a personal touch to your 2021 marketing campaign.

Simplicity and readability are the name of the game.

This doesn’t necessarily mean minimalism! Not every brand needs to have a minimalist style, but that could be a whole blog post on its own. Readability is everything, especially in print design, and it’s a major focus within 2021 printing trends. 

2021 Printing Trends - Zipp Printing

People are gravitating more towards simple visualizations of data and information rather than cluttered, difficult-to-distinguish designs. This can look different for every business. However, it’s important to keep user experience in mind with every design you create! Make sure you’re keeping everything legible and not overwhelming your readers’ eyes. Simplicity is key!

If you’re interested in incorporating any of these three 2021 printing trends, or any other exciting ideas you’ve got for your business, reach out to our team of experts here at Zipp Printing! We deliver quality printing, surprisingly fast. Let us surprise & delight you today – give us a shout!