It’s always fun to look back on previous decades and laugh at the fashion choices we all made back then. Believe it or not, you can do the same with print marketing! Style changes with the times, and print is no exception. For businesses who have been around for a long time, it can be a bit of a challenge to stay on top of updating all of the printed marketing materials they’ve accumulated. However, in order to perform at the top of your game, it’s important to make sure you’re keeping up with the times! Here are 3 signs your print may be outdated.

1. Information is partially or entirely incorrect.

This one may seem obvious, but it’s so easy to overlook the fine print! If your business has ever changed locations, make sure that’s reflected across all of your printed marketing materials. Any change to the look or function of your business should be reflected everywhere. New location or phone number, or finally getting rid of your fax machine? New print! (*please note: we have no hard feelings against fax machines, it just seems like a reasonable change.) Your print should match the most recent version of your business, whatever that means for you individually. 

2. Your print no longer matches the rest of your branding.

It is completely reasonable – maybe even expected – that most businesses will undergo a rebrand at some point between its creation and current state. Should your business rebrand, your print must be included in the updates! No matter how infrequently you hand out brochures about your business, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Wherever you have your logo displayed, it should be the most up-to-date version. When you start to mix logos, it gets a little confusing. Keep it consistent!

3. Style choices that once made sense look a little out of place.

Print marketing in 2010 looked completely different than it looks now in 2020. We all made some questionable choices in 2010, and it’s probably time to catch up to current trends a little. For example, speech bubbles may not make as much sense now as they did back then. Granted, they could still work, but use discretion with your graphics. Nowadays, less is usually more – as long as it fits your overall brand!

If your print is looking a little outdated, don’t hesitate to reach out to our incredible team here at Zipp Printing. We deliver quality printing, surprisingly fast, and we’d be more than happy to give your print a little facelift.