Usually at the forefront of our minds when comparison-shopping is price. This is certainly valid and should be near the top of the list when making a buying decision. But should price always be the deciding factor?

If you’re comparing a knock-off brand to a high end brand, the price point is going to be vastly different. Quality becomes key in deciding which brand to choose. Comparing two different high-end brands with similar quality leaves you with the question of price.

The same goes when you are print buying.

Print Buying Considerations

Here are several factors to consider, along with price and quality, when choosing a print supplier:


When choosing a company to do your printing for you, you want friendliness. You want someone to listen closely to your needs. You want access to your sales rep whenever you need them. There’s no reason to settle for less than top-notch service.


If you have questions or are looking for expertise when it comes to print, you’ll want a company that knows what they’re doing. Your print supplier should be willing to offer their very knowledgable advice on printing because it is their expertise, not yours. Confidence in a print supplier’s wisdom is definitely worth serious consideration.


If paying a little extra on your print needs means you’ll have your project exactly as you expected at the time you expected it (if not before), your money is well spent. A company that is worth your hard-earned cash will have a sales rep who is quick to respond, estimates and proofs dealt with in a timely manner, and questions or concerns answered immediately.


If something goes wrong on their end, you want a company that will own up to it. Don’t waste any amount of money at a company that isn’t going to take responsibility for their mistakes. You shouldn’t be surprised by hidden fees or added costs because invoices should be simple and clear. Any kind of shady business should send you running to a different printer.


The best way to know that all of the above is true about a print company is by their reputation. When comparison-shopping, seeking out the reputation of a print supplier is foundational. Look at reviews from various platforms such as Google and Facebook. Talk to others who have worked with the printer for some honest feedback.


All of the above relates to the print company itself and how it is run. But there’s still the key aspect of quality. Will your projects be done well? Are they using the best possible materials for the price? When all is said and printed, will you be a customer for life?


Finally, we don’t want to forget the ever important consideration of price! Remember, while price is an important factor when choosing a print supplier, it only works when comparing apples to apples. If a print supplier charges a little more than the next guy, could it be that they’re going to treat you better and offer higher quality work? Get the best bang for your buck by print buying from a company that meets all the above criteria!

Print Buying Experience

Let Zipp Printing give you the print buying experience you’ve been searching for! We are passionate about our customers and fulfilling all of their printing needs. It is our goal to meet and exceed every single one of your comparison-shopping considerations. Contact us today!