If you’ve walked into a rest stop off of a highway exit, you’ve likely seen the large wooden display shelf of papers describing the attractions and must-see spots in the surrounding area. Those are rack cards, and they’re not just for scenic places – or rest stops, for that matter. Rack cards can bring in loads of new customers for you. Here’s why rack cards are important for your business (and how to make sure they’re working for you). 

1. They’re eye-catching.

Most often, rack cards are displayed either near cash registers or entrances to shops and restaurants. This means they’re largely geared towards foot traffic, and there’s likely a lot of things going on around the display. For this reason, it’s super important to make sure your card stands out. Bright colors, a glossy finish, and a great logo will help catch the eye of potential clients.

2. Rack cards encourage people to reach out.

The most important part of any marketing material is a call to action. Getting people to reach out to your business can be a hassle, but with a good rack card, it doesn’t have to be. For example, one way to appeal to potential clients is to highlight different situations in which they could rely on your services. If you’re an air conditioning company trying to get more people to hire you to check their systems, talk about the heat of the summer and how unfortunate it would be for the system to stop working. Kind of a weird example, but you get the jist – make your business practical and accessible. It’ll benefit you. 

3. Your essential information fits perfectly.

They’re smaller than brochures, but bigger than business cards. You don’t have to limit the content to strictly contact information, but you can’t tell your company’s life story. Don’t fret. You have the perfect amount of space for your logo, a few key points about the benefits of working with you, your call to action, and a way that clients can reach out to you. In all honesty, what more do you need? As long as you’re presenting everything concisely and in a visually stimulating way, you’re sure to win. 

Rack cards aren’t just for tourists – they’re also for your clients. In essence, a rack card in a strategic location could be the make-or-break factor between you and your client. So why risk it? Contact us here at Zipp Printing to print some rack cards for your business. You’ll thank us later.